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Thank you so much for visiting my website!

I'm Mike Sidney, and I have the best job in the world! As a wedding and portrait photographer on Maui, Hawaii, I am so fortunate to live in a place that allows me to dedicate myself to my passion!

I have been a professional photographer for my entire adult life. I have always enjoyed art, and probably spent more time doodling on my desk in school than studying. I also love gadgets, computers and technology. So, having spent the last 18+ years in a career that combines both art and tech, I have to say, I'm still excited EVERY time I have the opportunity to go out on a shoot!

I've had the good fortune of working for some excellent photographers while I was getting started in Massachusetts. After graduating the Hallmark Institute of Photography (no relation to the card company) at 18 years old, I immediately found myself assisting a local wedding photographer. I learned not just about camera techniques, but the the very important art of helping people feel comfortable and have fun at their photo-shoot. For several years I assisted and photographed weddings on weekends while also working full time as a high school senior portrait photographer in-studio. The late 90's were fun and educational, but as the millennium was drawing to a close, the world of photography was starting to change- things were going digital.

Although everything I learned about photography still applied, there was a whole new world of possibilities opening up with digital cameras and Photoshop. Having the ability to manipulate the images myself, instead of having the "lab" do it, was so appealing to me that I went back to school, and before long, I had graduated with an associates degree in graphic design. OK, since this is my "about me" page, here's a little bragging: I graduated at the top of my class and had the highest GPA in the Photoshop class. What can I say, it was fun!

After graduating and feeling like I had gained enough experience working for local photographers, I made the big decision to move half-way around the world- site unseen, to the beautiful island of Maui. That's a whole story in and of itself..., but I arrived here on January 2nd, 2001, and have loved living here ever since.

I soon found a job at one of Maui's larger photography/video companies, and after a few months, I was promoted to manager of the photography department. Although I really enjoyed my position and the people I worked with, I really missed spending most of my time actually shooting- especially weddings. In 2003 I amicably left that company and started Mike Sidney Photography. Since then I have been working hard to establish my brand as a symbol of quality, trust, and dedication.

I have recently started to branch out into educating photographers at conventions such as the Maui Photo Festival. If you are a photographer interested in any upcoming classes, I'll be updating our blog as things get scheduled.

Please contact us anytime and we would be happy to discuss any of your photography needs!

Mike Sidney Photography

Mike Sidney Photography • 2200 Main street, ste 540, Wailuku, HI 96793 • 808.249.2808